"The Crossing" - Audio - Visual Art Installation. Beaux Arts Ball Competition. New York, U.S.A >  2010

"THE CROSSING". The Architectural League of New York. Beaux Arts Ball Competition. New York, U.S.A, 2010


Team: Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero + Miguel Torres Gonzalez


The desired site for the proposal is the glass link that connects the Annex to the East Gallery. Conceived as a looped projection, the project insists in this spatial idea of linking and crossing. Inside - Outside Conditions....


Inside the Glass Link. The projection create an environment of instability by means of pulse and rhythm of both sound and image; inviting the visitors to entry into the link but to quickly cross into the other side of the building.


Outside the Glass Link. The pattern sprayed with chalk in the glass within the projection creates a new appearance on the glass facade in constant and silence change. Outside, the glass link is becoming to be perceived as an space in negative. The project is understood as a transit inside a symmetric loop. The visitors entry into a process but they can not interact in a direct way, because of the scale of the time and pulse is not related with the visitors but with the space itself.